Grant Renewal

Applying for Grant Renewal

Renewal depends on actual achievement compared with what the organization committed to accomplish, on availability of funds, and on external conditions.

  • Environmental Justice Grants
    • 1st periodic update: Due October 1
    • 2nd periodic update: Due February 1
    • Annual Report: Due April 1
    • Renewal Application: Due April 15
  • Education and Social Justice Grants
    • 1st periodic update: Due February 1
    • 2nd Periodic update: Due June 1
    • Annual Report: Due August 1
    • Renewal Application: Due August 15

After 3 years of funding, an organization must start over with a new LOI; if the LOI is approved, the organization will then fill out a new grant application.

Annual reports are due at approximately 10 months, to allow time to assess progress before a renewal vote.

Financial accounting for the grant and a narrative explaining the financial accounting should accompany the report for all grants.