Periodic Updates

We ask each grantee for 2 brief, periodic updates. These can simply tell us what’s happening with your project and organization. (For example, answer “What?” “So what?’ “Now what?”) These updates are submitted online through the grants system under your current grant Follow Ups.

  •  Due dates for Environmental Justice updates are:
    • October 1
    • February 1
  • Due dates for Education and Social Justice updates are:
    • February 1
    • June 1

Annual Reports

  • Environmental Justice Annual Report: Due April 1
  • Education and Social Justice Annual Report: Due August 1

The “Annual” report should be submitted at about 10 months after funding.  This enables us to vote on potential continuation funding at one year.

The annual report should address how well you accomplished what you undertook.  It should correspond to the evaluation scheme you proposed in your application and include outcomes as well as outputs. Especially important are any surprises – negative as well as positive – that you encountered, and the actionable learning that you can take away from these.  Our Annual reports are now online at our Grant Application system for consistency with our system.

We also require a financial accounting with narrative to accompany the annual report for all grants.  You may use your own format for this and there is an upload link in the application.


We welcome news about your notable achievements and/or undertakings at any time.  We also enjoy seeing manuals, workbooks, CDs, and other media you produce.