Please note:  Our application and LOI processes are online.  

The Shumaker Family Foundation supports endeavors in education, social justice, and environmental justice, and through these aims to create a more compassionate world where each person has opportunity to fully reach his or her potential.

  • Within Social Justice, we emphasize domestic violence prevention and the development of leadership among people from disadvantaged groups.
  • Within Environmental Justice, we support projects that promote environmental sustainability and animal welfare.
  • Within Education, we favor projects that show the fascination and potentiality of math, physical science, engineering, and the arts to children who otherwise might not receive such exposure. We also fund projects that address the education of children 0 – 3 years of age and projects that strengthen the education process.

We prefer innovative projects led by people and organizations with a history of successful innovation; projects that connect 2 or more of our funding areas; and projects that can demonstrate significant outcomes within 3 years.   We also fund some organizational strengthening, e.g., capacity-building or operating funds, when we are satisfied that the organization has prepared itself to attain the next level of effectiveness.  We only fund organizations based in the United States.

We fund Social Justice and Education projects only in the Greater Kansas City Region, where site visits can be made within a day. We only fund Environmental Justice projects of organizations based in the United States and with national or local scope.

Our trustees meet twice a year to assess grant applications. Invariably, we receive more requests for excellent projects than we have funds to support. If your project request does not receive funding, please do not conclude that it is an inferior project. We simply do not have the funds to support all quality proposals.